Trash Stories

  •  An owner of a business shows up to work one day and finds his dumpster completely filled with trash and boxes. Since it was not his trash his day was not starting very good.​   He calls the police and  tells them what had happened. The not so smart criminal had made a mistake and left his mail in one of the boxes so the man knew the address of where the trash came from. Although the police coud do nothing because anyone could have thrown the mail it in there, so what does one do.   Well he does what any good citizen should do when they find something that does not belowg to them.  Right?  Of course! So he loaded up his pick up and dropped it back off in that person's driveway!  Moral of the story is dont mess with other people's Dumpster bin!

  •     A 4,000-year-old necklace found in a dumpster! This  happened in Ireland. In 1945 a farmer found the necklace in a bog. The necklace was then passed on to  a scientist. That scientist kept the necklace in a safe. Then the safe was stolen. Cops caught the guys who did it and found out That the artifact was in a dumpster bin. The police found it in time before the trash service emptied the dumpster.